About Dr. DeLong

My fascination with the potential of the human musculoskeletal system preceded my medical training. Prior to entering medical school, I was a competitive, nationally ranked Olympic style weightlifter. When I watched particularly gifted strength athletes lift ponderous weights from the floor to overhead within seconds, I was always amazed that the body could mechanically accommodate such huge loads.

After medical training and a career in surgery, I am no less amazed at the performance of the musculoskeletal machinery of talented athletes.  Although injuries to these human mechanical devices occur commonly, it is incredible how resilient and reliable the body actually is. In some sports, the opportunity for injury is present with every step; but, the musculoskeletal system almost always gets it right—even when pushed to the extreme.

After attending Oxford College of Emory University, the University of Georgia, I graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. While in medical school, I completed an anatomical pathology fellowship.  At the University of Minnesota, I recieved my surgical training and  a reseach fellowship.